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RENI posted a Halloween picture of her cat on the Instagram

A Music Video Of The New Song "Tengoku-no-Detarame" HAS BEEN RELEASED ON YOUTUBE.

SHIORI posted an instagram with 'Samurai Rock Orchestra'

RENI posted an Instagram of a Halloween party organized by HYDE

KANAKO posted an instagram together with the Tokyo Governor.

RENI posted of eating hamburg at 'SAWAYAKA' to instagram

RENI POSTED AN INSTAGRAM OF 'Fan club member-only Live held in Hamamatsu City'

Kanako posted an instagram with short hair cut..

New song of Momoclo Chan Z --"Den-Den-Densha" was released on YOUTUBE

RENI posted an instagram of 'Memories that friends celebrated her birthday'

RENI posted an instagram of 'Kyoto trip on summer vacation'

KANAKO Posted an instagram with her friend 'Ayaka Ida'

RENI posted an instagram and commented as "We danced together, were energetic every day!"

Akira tweeted "the comments of the Audiences is so hot"