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A trailer for the collaboration song has been released.

MCZ to collaborate on sports.

"Great Adventure!" was released.

Shimamura's theme song sung by MCZ has begun to air.

Much has been reported on SNS about MCZ's PR video.

MCZ collaborates with Matsu-Ken to bring excitement to horse racing festivities.

MCZ to Collaborate with TANITA.

MCZ collaborates with Crane Game.

MCZ Winter Illumination web commercial is now available.

New song will collaborate with illumination.

Yet another new MCZ song to be released.

AYAKA became a Barbie doll.

Collaboration with a hotel in Shibuya.

MCZ will work with JRA in an unexpected way.

TANAKA's theme song has been announced for this year as well.

MCZ made a surprise appearance at the dome.

An animated music video was released.

MCZ will participate in Noritake's album.