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[☆] MCZ sings the theme song of Yankees - Tanaka Masahiro again.

Kid's version of 'Seishun-fu' video by 'Momoclo Chan Z' was released on YOUTUBE.

MOMOKA performed resurrection live.

MCZ becomes 'Chibi Maruko-chan's 30th Anniversary Ambassador.

Japan's Ministry turned the dam into MCZ colors.

'C&K' released a self-covering MV of 'Clover-to-Diamond'.

MCZ commented on 'SHIMAJIRO' MOVIE.

AYAKA has updated STA-BLO.

MCZ was visiting another school.

Ebi-Chu released the collaboration song with MCZ for the first time.

The video of "NAGASAKI LOVERS PROJECT" that MCZ publicizes Nagasaki has been released.

MCZ appeared in new movie previews without notice.

[☆] MCZ played with children in Fukushima.

RENI's solo song was delivered.

RENI ate a lot of SUSHI.

AKARI's 'Koizumi-san' comes back.

The summer live of MCZ will be held on August 3rd and 4th.

KANAKO met with LEO at the studio unexpectedly.