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MCZ performed in front of an audience for the first time in a long time.

A traffic safety event by the MPD featuring MCZ is being streamed online.

SHIORI threw out the first pitch of the NPB.

Collaboration events are being held in Odaiba.

MCZ appeared in new movie previews without notice.

AYAKA became the chief of the police.

MCZ became an ambassador of 'Nagasaki Lovers Project.'

Next summer, MCZ will perform the stage (Historical drama) at Meiji-za.

An announcement movie was released about the MCZ campaign at "HONEY's BAR."

Abema video broadcast of 'Yagu-FES 2018' (AYAKA performanced) has been released.

It was announced that AYAKA appeared in 'Yagu-FES 2018.'

SHIORI posted an instagram with 'Samurai Rock Orchestra'

RENI posted an Instagram of a Halloween party organized by HYDE

KANAKO posted an instagram together with the Tokyo Governor.

RENI POSTED AN INSTAGRAM OF 'Fan club member-only Live held in Hamamatsu City'

KANAKO Posted an instagram with her friend 'Ayaka Ida'

RENI posted an instagram and commented as "We danced together, were energetic every day!"

Akira tweeted "the comments of the Audiences is so hot"