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MCZ to increase number of Shinkansen trains.

KANAKO wins another award.

AYAKA's solo concerts for this year have been announced.

Perform in an online archive festival.

SHIORI to appear as assistant MC on quiz show.

AYAKA's solo concert to be released on disc.

The "Failed Elections" were overflowing.

Another MCZ TV program will be added.

MCZ was featured on a news program.

Mononofus was surprised this morning.

MCZ Expected to go global.

SHIORI's solo song for March has been released.

RENI ran in the marathon.

SHIORI's March song announced.

'Shouting' ban will be lifted on 16 May.

AYAKA shed tears of emotion.

RENI reveals scenes from the genepro.

A detailed report of 'Ani-son' live performance has been published.

SHIORI did an InstaLive.

AYAKA was one step ahead and bathed in voices.

RENI packed her solo concert with a message.

RENI marks the day of prayer in Sendai.

The junior sister began to receive 'Call'.

'LP Record' released.

SHIORI and AYAKA seem to have visited Fukuyama Castle.

SHIORI to appear in drama.

KANAKO told an episode where she was singing and crying.

JA-NAMIE will perform at an idol festival.

New song released.

AYAKA reveals off-shot of Valentine's Day event

A valuable program is coming to an end.