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AYAKA delivered two new songs on her birthday.

AYAKA'S Birthday book shooting video (sequel) is now available.

AYAKA has developed a revolutionary product.

AYAKA's birthday book shooting video is now available.

AYAKA's solo concert will be held.

Digest video of 'AYAKARNIVAL 2020' has been released.

AYAKA has called herself "A-rin" an awful lot.

AYAKA becomes a hot topic in the Diet.

RENI and AYAKA are dancing to NiziU

The video of "A-rin wa A-rin" is now available on youtube.

The trailer for AYAKA's solo live has been released.

The live performance of "Namie Joshi-Hatsu-kumiai" has been released.

AYAKA is still active as a fashion model this month.

AYAKA's group's live performance was delivered without an audience.

AYAKA commented on 3.11.

The episode of "JA-NAMIE" produced by Ayaka and aired on NHK-WORLD can be seen in the archive.

'AYAKA BOOK' off-shoots are now available.

'JA-NAMIE,' produced by AYAKA, will appear on NHK-WORLD.

AYAKA appeared on TV wearing a blue outfit.

MCZ's sister group's live produced by AYAKA will be released on blu-ray.