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AYAKA performs 'Kawaikute Gomen' on tiktok

AYAKA had crushed the heart mark.

RENI and AYAKA coordinated K-CAR.

RENI and AYAKA's message video is now available.

RENI and AYAKA sent a message to new adults.

RENI and AYAKA make soup.

SHIORI and AYAKA are introducing Omiya this time.

A tiktok featuring AYAKA has been released.

AYAKA introduces the remains of the disaster.

All of AYAKA's "Santa!" were revealed.

AYAKA will perform with AKB48.

A detailed report of AYAKA's solo concert is available.

AYAKA's solo song has been released.

A little scenes from AYAKA's solo concert.

AYAKA and JA-NAMIE will be at @JAM EXPO.

AYAKA has developed the world's first goods.

The stage in which AYAKA performed will be screened in movie theaters.

AYAKA brought another downpour.

RENI dances in the front row.

AYAKA ate 6 pieces of KaraAge.