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The stage in which AYAKA performed will be screened in movie theaters.

Details of the Shukuten tour were reported.

Shukuten Tour to be filmed.

AYAKA brought another downpour.

Chai MAXX appeared in Budapest.

The tour reaches its final stage today.

Competition to attract spring live concerts is fierce.

Zero term members performed with MCZ.

RENI is in her last year in the 20s.

SKE48's deputy leader appeared on stage of MCZ.

Towel spinning seems to be allowed.

A program celebrating the birthday will be distributed.

RENI dances in the front row.

MCZ's commercial ranked 5th for the month.

A large-scale summer live concert was announced.

KANAKO's Solo Concert Footage to be Released.

MCZ's autograph was sent to "Matcha Lab."

Chai Maxx wrestler announces retirement.

AYAKA ate 6 pieces of KaraAge.

AYAKA's Birthday MUSICVIDEO is available for 26 hours only.

AYAKA will be broadcasting live on Youtube tonight.

Ebichu will also be at the festival on the same day as MCZ.

KANAKO's film won awards in New Jersey.

negicco also congratulates SHIORI's birthday.

SHIORI posted birthday comments.

MCZ's TikTok video was posted.

SHIORI turned 27.

KANAKO's Drama Begins.

MCZ's sister in Nagoya came to their live.

RENI posted a "photo you can use" on her Instagram.