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"Momoiro Uta Gassen" will be held today.

MCZ sent a wedding message to a couple who got married on a soccer field.

MCZ can be caught in the AEON mall.

SHIORI showed "Yubie" again.

A lot of RENI's cosplay photos are on Instagram.

The second half of "ANISON DAYS" has also been released.

Four members of MCZ give Christmas messages on Instagram.

Reindeer's RENI delivers a talk.

A Christmas song for children sung by MCZ has been released.

AYAKA drank beer.

Here's the site where you can listen to the longest of "BUTTOBI!"

MCZ's new song "BUTTOBI!" will be released on December 24.

It has been announced that KANAKO's solo concert will be made into a video.

"Anison Days" is now available.

AYAKA talks about her "joy, anger, sorrow, and enjoyment" of this year.

The page with AYAKA wearing a kimono has been released.

Penlight rules to be changed.

The OP and ED songs for Momoiro Christmas 2021 have been announced.

A video of SHIORI making a cake has been released.

The setlist for JA-NAMIE's live has been released.

Marty Friedman released a video of him in rehearsal.

Many live reports were published.

SHIORI shed a tear.

Setlist of DAY1. (P.S.) DAY2 also.

Saitama Super Arena has been MCZ colors.

MCZ members made an "important report".

Digests of the MCZ and Drifters festival are now available.

We finally got our hands on "Monthly Tigers".

KANAKO talks on the phone with a junior member.

Details of the New Year's Eve event "Momoiro Uta Gassen" have been announced.

RENI is announcing the magazine's publication on Instagram.

Information about the New Year's Eve 'Uta-Gassen' has started to appear.

A commercial video where you can hear MCZ's another new song "HAND"

A commercial video where you can hear MCZ's new song "BUTTOBI!"

MCZ will be streaming live gameplay.

The paper image of "Monthly Tigers", in which RENI will be featured, has been released.

RENI shows off her "forehead".

JA-NAMIE will be streaming live on Youtube.

Today is the anniversary of AYAKA's participation in MCZ.

RENI was featured in Monthly Tigers.

KANAKO's solo concert will be released as a CD.

JA-NAMIE held a live performance (can be seen on Youtube)

MCZ performed with The Drifters.

Photos from AYAKARNIVAL are being tweeted.

RENI celebrated her best friend's birthday with a "sleepover".