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MCZ came to Yankee Stadium.

Today is MCZ's birthday.

The titles of songs included in the 5th album have been announced.

New album's teaser was released.

Collaboration events are being held in Odaiba.

Mononofu gathers in Kurobe.

Many pictures of MCZ wearing kimono are posted.

SHIORI shortened her hair.

MCZ special newspaper will be delivered to 230,000 households.

New Album's 'Artist Visual' has been released.

[☆] MCZ record label twitter account suspended.

'kaito-shojo' will be remade.

MOMOKA performed resurrection live.

The video of "NAGASAKI LOVERS PROJECT" that MCZ publicizes Nagasaki has been released.

MCZ appeared in new movie previews without notice.

RENI's solo song was delivered.

AKARI's 'Koizumi-san' comes back.


MCZ watched a professional wrestling.

'Nippon-egao-Hyakkei' at 'Momoclo Mania 2018' movie has been released.