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AYAKA introduces the remains of the disaster.

A video of AYAKA and others performing live while soaking wet was shown.

JA-NAMIE will challenge the festival with a three-person team.

AYAKA and JA-NAMIE will be at @JAM EXPO.

AYAKA brought another downpour.

After the MCZ show, JA-NAMIE will perform in Fukushima.

AYAKA's documentary video premieres on Youtube.

The first-week rankings for JA-NAIME's albums have been released.

About 10,000-word interview was published.

JA-NAMIE's 1st album is now available in its entirety.

JA-NAMIE held a live concert in Sendai.

JA-NAMIE's "self-introduction song" is now available.

JA-NAMIE's live video is now available for 5 days only.

Special offers for JA-NAMIE's first album and other information are introduced.

AYAKA's streaming video on Instagram is now available.

JA-NAMIE's live performance was cancelled.

The setlist for JA-NAMIE's live has been released.

JA-NAMIE will be streaming live on Youtube.

JA-NAMIE held a live performance (can be seen on Youtube)

JA-NAMIE's new radio program will start.