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A Music Video Of The New Song "GODSPEED” has been released on Youtube.

KANAKO posted the board used at the press conference on the Instagram.

MCZ's new song 'GODSPEED' full-version MV will be released tomorrow.

Countdown Live press conference will be live broadcast.

[☆☆] "Papa" of MCZ died.

‘Plastic Smile’ (drama starring KANAKO) will be broadcast on US and Canada channels.

Kid's version of ‘Mirai Bowl’ video by 'Momoclo Chan Z' was released on YOUTUBE.

RENI posted a picure about the live concert 'SEISHUN TOUR #44 and #45' on her instagram.

[☆] AKIRA broadcasted the 'SEISHUN tour'  live performed in Saga.

MCZ's live tickets in Taiwan were sold out.

It was announced that countdown live will be broadcast on the radio.

The Internet radio program of ATSUNORIN will be on air today.

RENI posted a picure about the free live at sapporo,hokkaido.

[☆☆] AKIRA relays the free live performed in Sapporo.

Details of the analog record version of MCZ's best album have been released.

Special program was announced by Official Twitter of the MCZ's regular radio "Momoclo-Club xoxo".

[☆] RENI posted a picure about the live concert 'SEISHUN TOUR #41 and #42' on the instagram.

MCZ's new song 'GODSPEED' began delivery.

KANAKO posted some more offshot images of SUZUKI's CM shoot to her Instagram.

It was announced that MCZ's new song will be delivered at 24 o'clock tonight.

The new campaign movie of SUZUKI on which MCZ appeared was posted.

KANAKO posted 'off shot video' during SUZUKI's CM shoot.