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This year too, Mononofus were honoured.

Chai MAXX appeared in Budapest.

An Olympian speaks passionately about mononofus.

Yucchan played MCZ's music again.

The number of foreign mononofus may be increasing.

Mononofus got excited at the piano.

A hashtag is going viral among mononofu.

An announcer wore a T-shirt like this.

One idol of Mononofu were delighted.

Mononofu Olympian contributed to the "historic victory."

Olympians are also watching MCZ's live streaming together.

KANAKO fan idol "Chiffon" has announced her graduation.

"Mononofu's Rookie" Launches Mononofu-Like Merchandise.

Mononofu-rookie hit yet another home run.

Teruaki Sato hit a home run off the field and struck a "Z" pose.

Mononofu's rookie is approaching a historic record.

"Yucchan" playing MCZ songs on a street piano is popular.