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SHIORI pierced her ears.

A limited-time music video was re-released all at once.

MCZ's new album is #6, #10, #7...

MCZ tasted a new beer.

MCZ wore a pink shirt in opposition to the bullying.

AYAKA is invited by YUKIRIN (AKB48).

'AYAKA BOOK' off-shoots are now available.

A 15-second commercial for the new album has been released.

The trailer for the new album has been released.

KANAKO plays a wonderful piano in the upcoming film.

The live performance video of "TSU-KI-I-RO Chainon" has been released.

AYAKA will be updating the title image of her blog soon.

'JA-NAMIE,' produced by AYAKA, will appear on NHK-WORLD.

MCZ's billboard appeared at Shibuya Scramble Crossing.

The Valentine's Day version of the movie trailer has been released.

Another making video from the new album jacket shoot has been released.

A live streaming program will be broadcast on youtube on Valentine's Day.

MCZ and AKARI gave a remote talk live.

Masahiro Tanaka has released a new themed merchandise in MCZ colors.

MCZ's 11-city tour has been postponed for another year.

AYAKA appeared on TV wearing a blue outfit.

The MCZ has apparently traveled 430,000 kilometers so far.

MCZ's sister group's live produced by AYAKA will be released on blu-ray.

HIKARU Yamamoto, a very popular bassist supporting MCZ, has released 2nd single.

The Valentine's Day event has been postponed.

A special movie for the new album has been released.

The trailer for the movie starring KANAKO has been released.

MCZ was in the New York Times.

The spring concert has been postponed for another year.

"Yucchan" playing MCZ songs on a street piano is popular.