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SHIORI's stage greeting for the movie has been released.

On the weekend when MCZ was supposed to have a live performance, there will be an online video feed instead.

SHIORI to be included in Baseball Card.

Headwinds to the performance at MetLife Dome.

The alternative date for the summer live has been announced.

KANAKO showed off her yukata outfit.

JURINA has a comment for AYAKA.

Due to AYAKA's illness, MCZ's concert had to be postponed.

The music video for RENI's solo song has been released.

Information about MCZ's summer live performances is starting to get confusing.

MCZ will perform at the Aso Rock Festival.

The short music video of 'Nippon Egao Hyakkei (ZZ ver.)' has been released.

MCZ's special radio program will be broadcasted.

JA-NAMIE has a new member.

The making-of video for AYAKA's cosplay has been released.

Ebichu sang in THE FIRST TAKE.

JA-NAMIE will hold a live concert in Yokohama.

MCZ will add one more show to its summer live.

KANAKO gives her first solo concert.

KANAKO turned 27.

MCZ's radio program has experienced an outage.

The jacket photo of RENI's first solo album has been released.

One music festival was canceled, but MCZ was invited to another one.

MCZ will perform at the FNS Songs Festival with Noritake Kinashi.

The summer music festival where MCZ was scheduled to perform has been canceled.

KANAKO has been displayed at the entrance of the Shizuoka Prefectural Office.

A kid's version of "Hoーe-ro" is now available on Youtube.

MCZ has started a show with a legendary comedy group.

The TEASER of "RENI-chan WORLD" has been released.

KANAKO fan idol "Chiffon" has announced her graduation.

RENI narrated the news.