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Trailer for Album Benefit Released

[Haruichi Report 2] Strong Wind

The "Moment in Problem" was posted

[Haruichi Report 1] Parking Lot

SHIORI appears in a commercial with her best friend

The live video from January is now available on the app.

RENI updated her Instagram to express her appreciation.

The "Haru no ichi daiji" was successfully held.

[Notice] MCZ TODAY will take a break for a while.

Fireworks Display to be Broadcast Live after Spring Live DAY 1

Spring merchandise is also outlandish.

The spring live concert will be broadcast online.

Additional shows have been announced for the "Shukuten Tour."

An animated music video was released.

Intimate photos of the four are now available.

KANAKO will play the main character in the drama.

RENI revealed a shot at the ranch.

MCZ's departure melodies can be heard.

Some additional spring information was announced.

TeddyLoid created a mashup including MCZ.

The second song was presented by RENI.

The "Ceremony" of the announcement started.

After the chief of police, MCZ became station chief.

RENI revealed an off-shot from her TV appearance.

AYAKA served as chief of police only today.

MCZ's new song, written by KANAKO, was unveiled today.

SHIORI and AYAKA will be able to return to work tomorrow.

MCZ Overcomes Trouble at Music Festivals

MCZ will participate in Noritake's album.

A manager of MCZ was infected with corona.