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Off-shot of the opening movie in summer has been released.

KANAKO and SHIORI revealed a mysterious two-shot photo.

Off-shots of AYAKA's KIMONO have been released.

RENI in tears.

Marty Friedman released a video of him in rehearsal.

Off-shots of AYAKA posted on the official Instagram of the fashion magazine.

RENI reveals off-shots from the music video shoot.

KANAKO showed off her yukata outfit.

AYAKA's birthday book shooting video is now available.

Off shots of the three celebrating their birthdays in June.

RENI has posted a two-shot photo with MERU on the instagram.

[☆] MCZ played with children in Fukushima.

RENI ate a lot of SUSHI.

KANAKO met with LEO at the studio unexpectedly.


SHIORI picked strawberries with KYOKO at Hakone.