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AYAKA's Vlog in Thailand has been released.

A making-of video of the CM filming has been released.

AYAKA toasts with beer in Thailand.

MCZ releases off-shot video for the magazine.

AYAKA posted a "bikini shot" of MCZ on Instagram.

AYAKA and others enjoying USJ.

AYAKA has become a self-proclaimed monster.

KANAKO had her fingers too far into dimples.

The making of RENI's photo book was revealed.

AYAKA posts 'photos that everyone seems to like.'

AYAKA enjoying the sauna.

AYAKA and SHIORI with 'kakigori'.

Off-shot of the opening movie in summer has been released.

KANAKO and SHIORI revealed a mysterious two-shot photo.

Off-shots of AYAKA's KIMONO have been released.

RENI in tears.

Marty Friedman released a video of him in rehearsal.

Off-shots of AYAKA posted on the official Instagram of the fashion magazine.