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RENI released "Tried singing it."

RENI's true feelings were revealed.

RENI will be a guest on a rival team's baseball game.

RENI is in her last year in the 20s.

RENI dances in the front row.

RENI posted a dance video of "Showbiz" on tiktok.

The second song was presented by RENI.

A live report of RENI's solo concert is now available.

RENI released a solo single song.

Thanks from Kurobe to RENI.

RENI's solo concert has been announced.

RENI appreciated the cherry blossoms in Okinawa.

RENI was hurriedly put in charge of a late-night radio program as a substitute.

RENI talks about Uma-Musume's CM.

RENI selected for 'Uma Musume' commercial.

RENI in tears.

Reindeer's RENI delivers a talk.

We finally got our hands on "Monthly Tigers".

The paper image of "Monthly Tigers", in which RENI will be featured, has been released.

RENI was featured in Monthly Tigers.