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The paper image of "Monthly Tigers", in which RENI will be featured, has been released.

RENI was featured in Monthly Tigers.

A trailer for a music event featuring RENI and AYAKA has been released.

RENI will perform at Yatsui Ichiro's event.

RENI was featured prominently on the "another front page" of the newspaper.

RENI wants to try "Silence Suzuka" this time.

RENI was crying before the radio.

RENI's appearance on "YuNi's All Night Nippon i" is now available online.

The digest of RENI's solo concert held in spring has been released.

RENI's batting video was tweeted.

RENI is wearing a Tigers shirt, even during lessons.

RENI will appear on NHK-WORLD.

The TV's video of RENI's first pitch ceremony is now available on Youtube.

RENI contributed to the Tigers.

RENI pitches tomorrow.

RENI will be throwing out the first pitch at Koshien Stadium.

The trailer for all the songs of RENI's solo album has been released.

RENI's solo album ranked 8th on the daily chart.

A video of RENI making a special offer for her album has been released.

RENI's 24-hour live streaming program was held.