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Details of the New Year's Eve event "Momoiro Uta Gassen" have been announced.

Information about the New Year's Eve 'Uta-Gassen' has started to appear.

A commercial video where you can hear MCZ's another new song "HAND"

A commercial video where you can hear MCZ's new song "BUTTOBI!"

MCZ will be streaming live gameplay.

MCZ performed with The Drifters.

MCZ members visited an exhibition event in Kurobe City.

MCZ performed in Hyogo Prefecture.

MCZ's radio show has surpassed 500 times.

It's been a while since Yucchan posted a Youtube.

MCZ is featured on the Golden Eagles' official Youtube.

A video commenting on the "Happy Mother's Day Concert" has been posted.

MCZ's live talk show "Jiyu" will be streamed on Saturday.

Today's live performance by MCZ will be streamed on YOUTUBE.

Christmas live was announced.

MCZ performed at the Aso Rock Festival.

MCZ's latest performance will be available on Youtube.

The annual "daily calendar" is introduced.

MCZ's radio took the top ranking.

There were no cases of COVID-19 infection at the Meiji-za performances.