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AYAKA posts private photos with an idol.

MCZ sings in chorus with 67 children.

MCZ's collaboration on Japanese confectionery has been well received.

Footage from SHIORI's event has been released.

AYAKA turns 28.

KANAKO's live videos are being released one after another.

SHIORI holds event at same location for the first time in 12 years.

MCZ to take on more anime theme songs.

AYAKA and JA-NAMIE to take part in Taiwan event.

Long interview with SHIORI published.

SHIORI's solo album was released.

SHIORI held a birthday celebration insta-live.


KANAKO in the TV news.

Trailer for KANAKO's solo concert has been released.

The popular MCZ CM has come to an end.

SHIORI to appear in fashion magazine.

Long interview with SHIORI was published.

MusicVideo from SHIORI's new album released.

SHIORI dances on tiktok.