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MCZ performed a band at the festival.

RENI will be back at a music festival tomorrow.

MCZ's "Hoero" is added to the 'Dereーste.'

A detailed report on Kishidan Expo was published.

RENI will return to work starting today.

An early member of Momoiro Clover announced her marriage.

RENI will be absent from today's music festival too.

RENI has fallen ill.

A tiktok featuring AYAKA has been released.

The entire "Shukuten" lineup is featured on Youtube.

Legendary drummer to support MCZ.

The full song trailers for the "Shukuten" tour are now available.

RENI added to the "Orange Note.."

MCZ has been selected for two songs in "EQUAL Japan.

Today is the birthday of "the creator of MCZ."

MCZ performed at KURO-FES again this year.

AKARI's dance will be aired.

A portion of the audio commentary has been released.

MCZ took the top spot in the ranking of TV appearance hours.

One October music festival has been canceled.