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MCZ sent a message to JURINA, who is graduating from SKE48.

The time and content of the five-day YOUTUBE video streaming has been announced.

The video of "A-rin wa A-rin" is now available on youtube.

This is a follow-up to MCZ's youtube livestream.

MCZ will be broadcasting live on Youtube during the May holidays again this year.

RENI was holding hands with KANAKO on the radio broadcast.

MCZ's "Ho-e-ro" will be a new version.

RENI wrote a letter to her fans.

Carlitos Tevez also danced the MCZ.

RENI started TikTok.

The trailer for AYAKA's solo live has been released.

Hyadain was also surprised by the buzz "Nippon Egao Hyakkei".

A digest video of the latest live performance has been released on YOUTUBE.

Marty Friedman highly recommends MCZ.

MCZ's "PLAY!" live making video has been released.

All the special videos of Live "PLAY!" have been released.

Mononofu-rookie hit yet another home run.

MCZ's collection of nursery rhymes is now available on YOUTUBE.

KANAKO is on the cover of a fashion magazine.

The live performance of "Namie Joshi-Hatsu-kumiai" has been released.

"Nippon Egao Hyakkei" is suddenly buzzing.

Teruaki Sato hit a home run off the field and struck a "Z" pose.

The compilation of "Momoclo-Chan" is now available for free.

MCZ's retro minigames are now available for a limited time.

MCZ does a collaborative show with Sanrio.

Yucchan played "Seishun-fu".

Teruaki Sato also adopted "Ho-e-ro".

MCZ performed in front of an audience for the first time in a long time.

The date and time of the MCZ torch relay was announced.

A traffic safety event by the MPD featuring MCZ is being streamed online.