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SHIORI and AYAKA seem to have visited Fukuyama Castle.

RENI participated in various events in Okinawa.

AYAKA had crushed the heart mark.

Expressing 'summer live' with MCZ's faces.

Off-shot of the opening movie in summer has been released.

Hikaru Yamamoto posted a commemorative photo with MCZ.

The after talk of RIJ 2022 is now available.

KANAKO had drinking from the morning.

Towel spinning seems to be allowed.

Legendary wrestler comment on his memory of MCZ.

The scene announcing the tour was released.

RENI in tears.

Today is the anniversary of AYAKA's participation in MCZ.

RENI's batting video was tweeted.

Olympians are also watching MCZ's live streaming together.

Saori Yoshida met MCZ.