The details of the new album were announced at the 13th anniversary concert.

Yesterday, MCZ successfully held their "13th Anniversary Concert" at Makuhari Messe.

The setlist consisted of 20 songs as shown below.

  • 1. On Your Mark
  • 2. stay gold
  • 3. Z densetsu - Fanfare wa tomaranai
  • 5. Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimi Tachiyo
  • 6. Otome Sensou
  • -MC-
  • 7. Saboten (cactus) to(and) Ribbon
  • 8. WE ARE BORN
  • 9. Gorilla Punch
  • -Break-
  • 10.Imagination
  • 11.Country Roads
  • -MC-
  • 12.Road Show
  • 14.MORE WE DO!
  • 15.Ho-e-ro
  • 16.PLAY!
  • -encore-
  • 17.BUTTOBI!
  • 18.Hashire!
  • -MC-
  • 19.Xiao-yi-Xiao
  • 20.Clover to(and) Diamond

During the MC part between the eleventh and twelfth songs, they announced information about their 6th full album, the details of which had not been announced yet.

The title of the new album was "Shukuten" (meaning "celebration ceremony"), and it would be released on May 17.
(May 17th is the anniversary of MCZ's formation. This year will be their 14th anniversary.)
The first special edition of the album will come with a Blu-ray containing two live performances, along with several music videos.

One is "The LIVE: The Summer of Never Giving Up in ABEMA", which was held last summer without an audience.
The other live is the "13th Anniversary Concert" on this day..

RENI posted a message of thanks on Instagram after the concert, as well as a back view of the four of us during the concert.
The last part of the message is as follows..

Thank you so much for every time.
I'm going to have a good dream today.



Anonymous said…
Great! A new album means Momoiro Clover Z for a long time.
We hope that the "13th Anniversary Concert" will be available on Blu-ray for every Mononofu overseas.