The spring live concert will be broadcast online.

MCZ will hold a large-scale live "Haru no ichi daiji" at J-VILLAGE in Fukushima Prefecture on April 23 and 24.

It has been announced that Sunday's "DAY 2" will be broadcast live on the Internet (Nico Nico Live) for free.

Prior to the live broadcast, it was also announced that past live performances will be broadcasted for three consecutive nights starting on April 21.

Depending on the program, "Nico Nico Live" may have some restrictions on viewing from overseas, but which one has not been officially announced this time.

First of all, please check if you will be able to watch the live broadcast from 4/21.

The following times are all in Japan time. Please note that there will be no archiving or time-shifting, so please pay attention to the time zone.

<Distribution Schedule>
Thursday, April 21, 20:00 - (JST)
Momoclo Haru no ichi daiji 2018 in Higashiomi City: DAY2

Friday, April 22, 21:00 - (JST)
Momoclo Natsu no Baka Sawagi (Summer Live) 2020

Saturday, April 23, 22:00 - (JST)

Sunday, April 24, 13:30 - (JST)
Momoclo Haru no ichi daiji 2022 DAY2 - live broadcast