MCZ's new regular TV program will begin.

MCZ's official website and BS Asahi's website announced that MCZ's new program will start at 5:00 in the morning on Friday, October 14.

This is the first time for MCZ and Mononofus to have a regular program this early in the morning -- 5AM!!.

The title of the program was "Ohayo! (means 'Good Morning!') Momoclo Chan" and only the following description has been published

MCZ will go all out in a variety of variety projects.
The girls will also show you all their joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness through their appearance on close camera, including behind-the-scenes at their live performances.

This seems to be following the main purpose of "Momoclo chan!," which was broadcast on terrestrial TV in the past (and is now available on the Internet for a fee).

In any case, We're looking forward to this new program.