RENI will duet with Masayuki Suzuki.

The latest film in the "Kaguya-sama ha Kokurasetai" animation series, "First Kiss Never Ends," will be screened in theaters from December 17, 2022.

Masayuki Suzuki and Reni Takagi have been announced as the artists in charge of the film's OP theme.

A trailer for the film has also been released, and the song can be heard in part of the trailer.

Masayuki Suzuki is a legendary Japanese soul singer, but he is also famous for his many duets with female singers.

In "Kaguya-sama," he duetted on the theme song of the all previous film, and this is the fourth duet he has done with a female singer.

The second work is a duet with Airi Suzuki (a former member of C-ute and a classmate of KANAKO).

RENI commented on the work as follows.

I was really happy as if it was a dream when I heard about it.
There was a lot of pressure because it is a work loved by so many people, but I did my best to be close to the world view with all my heart and soul!
I hope that the music as well as the work will be loved by many people!