A Music Video Of The New Song "GODSPEED” has been released on Youtube.

As it was foretold, a Music Video Of MCZ’s New Song "GODSPEED” (Full Version) has been released on Youtube.
This is the 4th new song released for 5 consecutive months, and it is positioned as a supportive song for ladies "Ekiden" or marathon live broadcasts of NTV (Nippon Television Network).

The lyrics of High point of this song are telling like this.
Find silence,
The moment of step,
Floating feeling is good.. 

'run through to the end'
'looking for support'
I got lost many times and repeated.
Let's test the courage.

Even if you are the best one,
Even if you are the worst one,
When catching up,
let's overtake without look behind. 
The theme of the song is a blessing to "success" and "good luck".

On the official website, this music video is explained as follows.
It is like a fortune parade that MCZ members continues running straight all involving past, present and future people.
Take on the time machine, go around the various times , please pay attention to the figure of the MCZ's running with a smile!