[☆☆] AKIRA relays the free live performed in Sapporo.

Today, Momoiro Clover Z is doing live at Sapporo for the purpose of supporting disaster recovery.
AKIRA Kawakami (MCZ's producer) relays that as twitter. (From around 6 pm on November 20 in Japan time)

This live title is "Genghis_Khan_Ayumi-no-soreike-dominofu-san-irasshai" (means "Genghis Khan Ayumi" welcomes mononofu of Hokkaido.)
The venue is Zepp Sapporo and the audience is about 2,000 people.
Additional notes 1)
AKIRA told that this relay will be until 18:59 (Japan time).
This is because TV programs('Shimura-ken-no-baka-tono-sama') on which MCZ appears from 19 o'clock are broadcasted.
Additional notes 2)
The live broadcast ended at 18:59 as AKIRA announced.
But it seems that the below link can be seen as an archive for a while.

*Last 30 minutes is here..

*First 30 minutes is here..

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