Countdown Live press conference will be live broadcast.

Momoiro Clover Z's countdown live "Yuku-mono, Kuru-mono (means 'Peach goes, Peach comes.' in English)" that began in 2015 will be the fourth time this year.
The subtitle of this year is “Dai-2-kai Momoiro-Uta-Gassen (means 'The 2nd Momo-iro singing fight' in English), and it will be done in a singing battle form, the second year.

Press conference on this live will be held from 18 o'clock on November 29th in Japan time.
It is announced that it will be live on AbemaTV (free internet TV). Address here.

AbemaTV is restricted to viewing from Japan domestically because of IP address restrictions, but there seems to be a way to view it overseas via VPN etc.
For this, We would like you to look for information from the internet etc.