It was announced that countdown live will be broadcast on the radio.

On todays special radio program, It was announced that MCZ’s countdown live "Yuku-momo-Kuru-momo" will be broadcast on 'Nippon Hosou'(Nippon Broadcasting System).
Broadcasting time is from 22:00 to 25:00 on 31st December (Japan time) .

The live has a sub-title called “Dai-2-kai Momoiro-Uta-Gassen (means ‘The 2nd Momo-iro singing fight’ in English)”, and many famous musicians will stage at 'Pacifiko Yokohama'.

According to Akira Kawakami (MCZ’s producer), there seems to be a plan for relaying by television. (It seems to be announced at a later date).

Japanese radio programs can be heard through the Internet with the service called 'radiko'(
But radiko is restricted to using from Japan domestically because of IP address restrictions, but there seems to be a way to here it overseas via VPN etc. For this, We would like you to look for information from the internet etc.