MCZ's new song 'GODSPEED' began delivery.

In accordance with the distribution of new songs 'GODSPEED', On the King Record official website, the teaser video of the song was released.
Even for overseas, you can see some of the songs.

Also, on the official website of the song (
), writers were announced.
The lyrics are Takahiro Maeda, the composition is Tatsunori Ozawa, and the arrangement is Integral Clover(agehasprings).
Takahiro Maeda does a lot of work with MCZ in 'CONTRADICTION','BIRTH O BIRTH','DNA rhapsody','My Dear Fellow' and so on.
Integral Clover is a Japanese music creator team consisting of three people.
It is their first time with MCZ, but they have worked with popular musicians such as ''Tomomi Kahara, 'Yume-Miru-adolescence', 'Shiggy Jr.', 'Nana Mizuki'.
However, Tatsunori Ozawa seems to be an unnamed newcomer.

The lyrics of High point of this song are telling like this.
Find silence,
The moment of step,
Floating feeling is good..

'run through to the end'
'looking for support'
I got lost many times and repeated.
Let's test the courage.

Even if you are the best one,
Even if you are the worst one,
When catching up, let's overtake without look behind.
The theme of the song is a blessing to "success" and "good luck".