Special program was announced by Official Twitter of the MCZ's regular radio "Momoclo-Club xoxo".

It was announced that a special version of "Momoclo-Club" will be broadcast on 'Nippon Hosou'(Nippon Broadcasting System).
Broadcasting time is from 13:00 to 15:00 on 23rd November (Japan time) which is a holiday (Labor Thanksgiving Day) in Japan.

It is foretold that they will talk a lot of things with a special guest about countdown live "Yuku-momo-Kuru-momo" that will be held this year too.

Japanese radio programs can be heard through the Internet with the service called 'radiko'(http://radiko.jp/).
But radiko is restricted to using from Japan domestically because of IP address restrictions, but there seems to be a way to here it overseas via VPN etc.
For this, We would like you to look for information from the internet etc.