[☆☆] "Papa" of MCZ died.

Masahiko Katsuya, a famous columnist in japan, was reported to have died of illness this morning. He was 57 years old.

The first encounter was that KATSUYA visited the 2012 Christmas Live. Then, KATSUYA co-starred with Momoiro Clover Z at the talk event "Shiren-no-7-ban-shobu (means 'Seven trials match' in English) episode.3" held in February 2013, and since then he became an enthusiastic mononofu.

After that, at many live venues, we saw KATSUYA cheering MCZ.
MCZ called KATSUYA as 'PAPA', KATSUYA called MCZ as 'MUSUME (means 'daughter' in Enlish)'.

Akira Kawakami (MCZ's producer) also tweeted words of thanks and farewells.

The Instagram below was taken on the "DOME TREK" tour (2016).
In this instagram, all of MCZ members will soon be adult, so he was commented, "Let's go drinking Sake and eating Yakitori together."
This was also a promise at that talk event, but unfortunately it was not fulfilled.

We pray its soul may rest in peace..

Additional notes.

After that, comments from the members were announced on MCZ's official website.
Every time We meet,
He told us 'You guys are always fine!.' and cheered us at any time.
We learned various things from 'PAPA',
it was like a father of the entertainment world.
We are really very lonely now.
From now on, please watch over us.
We pray for your souls.

Additional notes 2.

It was reported that RENI and SHIORI attended 'Otsu-ya' of KATSUYA.
(‘Otsu-ya’ is a ceremony which is held throughout the night before the day of the funeral in Japan.)

They commented on the press as 'We think he will support us from heaven.' with expressions of sorrow.
The funeral of KATSUYA will be held in Hyogo prefecture more than 500 km from Tokyo, but they seem to have come for this.

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