‘Plastic Smile’ (drama starring KANAKO) will be broadcast on US and Canada channels.

In Japan, ‘Plastic Smile’ (drama starring KANAKO) broadcasted on November 21 and had a good reputation.

It was announced that ‘Plastic Smile’ will be broadcast on "TV Japan" which is broadcasting Japanese television in the United States and Canada.
Broadcast date is December 13 (Thu) 10:15 pm (Eastern Standard Time) / 7:15 pm (Pacific Standard Time).

KANAKO was posting to the Instagram as a cosplayer at the time of shooting this drama.
The character of cosplay played by KANAKO with this drama was made by Masakazu Katsura.
Mr. Katsura is a world famous manga artist known for several works of manga, including Wing-man, Shadow Lady, DNA², Video Girl Ai, I"s, and Zetman.
The character (Ryuha) played by KANAKO this time also feels the taste of these works.

Also, the official NHK website for this drama is here.