[☆] RENI posted a picure about the live concert 'SEISHUN TOUR #41 and #42' on the instagram.

Momoiro Clover Z conducts a live 'SEISHUN tour' that goes through 47 prefectures nationwide one by one, from April 2017 to December 2018.
Last weekend, MCZ performed the 41st and 42nd live concert in Matsudo(pref.Chiba) and Yokosuka(pref.Kanagawa).

Kanagawa is the local town of RENI. On the second shot of the under Instagram, she is wearing a 'sukajan.'
sukajan is a jacket(embroidered satin) which is sold a lot in Yokosuka region and is also famous as a souvenir.
According to another tweet of the staff, RENI's 'Sukajan' seems to have been purchased at a store named 'MIKASA' in Yokosuka.

Additional notes.
Sachihiro Suzuki(TV Asahi'Momoclo-Chan' Producer) had posted 'MIKASA' store photos.

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