'Ho-e-ro' Music Video was released on youtube.

On December 19, "10th Anniversary live The Diamond Four -in 桃響導夢-" Blu-ray will be released. ('桃,響,導,夢' means "peach", "sound", "lead", "dream" in English, and in Japanese pronunciation it is the same as "Tokyo dome")

Prior to this, 'Ho-e-ro' (at tokyo dome) Music Video was released on MCZ's official youtube channel.

'Ho-e-ro' means 'howl it out!' in English.
This song was the theme song of 2018's Masahiro Tanaka (New York Yankees)'s warmup theme.

This is also the song that MCZ used 'Moving Stage' for the first time.
The audience of Tokyo Dome was very surprised by MCZ danced on their overheads.