MCZ's new song 'Sweet Wanderer' began delivery.

KingRecord's official twitter announced that MCZ' s new song was available for distribution.
This is a 5th new song released for 5 consecutive months. The title of the song is 'Sweet Wanderer'.
-- Perhaps now you can only download it from Japan. We will inform that if official videos released.

This song is "SUZUKI 'HUSTLER Wanderer'" tie up song, it seems to be able to listen with commercial videos etc. to be released soon.

Also, on the official website of the song (, writers were announced.

The lyrics is Kumiko Takahashi, Lap lyrics and the composition is invisible manners.
Invisible manners does a lot of work with MCZ in 'BLAST!','DECORATION','笑一笑 (Xiao_Yi_Xiao)','Re:Story' and so on.
Kumiko Takahashi is a former 'Chatmonchy (Popular girls band who disbanded this year)' drummer.
To the MCZ, she offer the lyrics of "Sora-no-Curtain (meaning 'Sky Curtain' in English)".

On the official site, this song is introduced as an adult R&B song in line with the concept of "free and casual travel".