Momoclo appeared on the front page of todays newspaper.

Momoiro Clover Z occupied this morning frontpage of 'Daily Sports', one of the six major sports newspapers in Japan.

The image color of the daily sports is yellow, so an interview of SHIORI was posted.
Shiori was questioned for the KANJI (KANJI are characters from Chinese) which exemplifies this one year, answered "絆 (Kizuna)".
"Kizuna" is a character meaning a connection between a person and a person, support of each other and the like.

In addition, in the article, it is also announced that Momoclo's 'Sugoroku' ('Sugoroku' is a transitional Japanese board game played with dice) will be posted on the New Year's Day released 'Daily sports'.

*News stand photo posted by Mononofu