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Next summer, MCZ will perform the stage (Historical drama) at Meiji-za.

A part of today's 'Momoiro Christmas DAY 2' was released on Twitter of AKIRA Kawakami.
So there was a surprise announcement by Shigeru Matsuzaki (usual ceremony), it was told that MCZ plays the ’Jidai‐geki’ stage (means 'Historical drama') in Meiji-za ('Meiji theater at Nihonbashi,Tokyo.).

It will be performed from August 16th to August 27th in 2019.

*Here is the video of the presentation scene.

*Here is a Ayaka's key visual which will be the main actress.

*And it seems to be the image of the other three members :)



'kaito-shojo' will be remade.

Information on the fifth album of MCZ will release on May 17 is released little by little every day. It is announced that 10 tracks of MCZ's self-covering songs will be included in the limited edition "B". The eighth song among them is "ZZ version" of the most popular song "Ikuze! Kaito Shojo" (meaning 'Let's go! mysterious thief Girl'). 'Invisible manner' who was in charge of the arrangement of this song, commented that "I worked with the feeling of rebuilding Ise Shrine." #ももクロ #令和 初アルバム!「MOMOIRO CLOVER Z」 初回Bに新生ももクロセルフカバー10曲収録!毎日収録曲発表! 第8弾「行くぜっ!怪盗少女 -ZZ ver.-」 ウソでもないし、アニメじゃない!ホントのことさ♪ (宣伝隊員サマ!今カラデモ極秘指令遂行ヲ!) #MCZ5thAL #momoclo — 【公式】ももクロLIVEインフォ (@information_mcz) 2019年4月1日