Next year, MCZ will play the theme song and voice actor of the movie 'Shimajiro'.

It was announced that Momokuro Chan Z appeared in the film "Shimajiro-to-Ururu-no Hero Land" (means 'The Hero Land of Shimajiro and Ururu' in English) to be released in March, 2019, and to be in charge of the theme song!
- 'Momoclo Chan Z' is an alias group name when 'Momoiro Clover Z' is active for children.

'Shimajiro' is a famous animation that the private educational institution 'Benesse Corporation' is creating for children. He is a national character that most children in Japan are familiar with.

About these announcements, MCZ members' comment video was released.

And the theme song named "HERO" sung by MCZ can be heard in part with a movie trailer released at the same time.