‘Z Densetsu Fanfare-wa-Tomaranai’ Music Video was released on youtube.

Today, "10th Anniversary live The Diamond Four -in 桃響導夢-" Blu-ray was released. ('桃,響,導,夢' means "peach", "sound", "lead", "dream" in English, and in Japanese pronunciation it is the same as "Tokyo dome")

On that timing, 'Z Densetsu Fanfare-wa-Tomaranai (meaning 'Z legend - Fanfare goes on..’ in English) ' (at tokyo dome) Music Video was released on MCZ's official youtube channel.

'Z Densetsu Fanfare-wa-Tomaranai’ is an extension of ‘Z Densetsu Owarinaki Kakumei" (meaning 'Z legend - endless revolution' in English)’ released in 2011, customized according to the four-person formation.

'Z densetsu' series is Momoiro Clover Z's self-introduction song, but it is also a song created with the theme of energizing Japan.
At first, It was released as a cheering song for the 2011 disaster recovery in Japan, and 'Fanfare-wa-Tomaranai' contains the meaning of supporting the people who are still recovering and fighting.

This MV is the first song of Tokyo Dome performance (DAY1), and this song was unveiled to mononofu for the first time.