AYAKA showed off her 'kimono' on her blog.

AYAKA updated her official blog site on January 4th in New Year.

And she reported that she watched the classical music New Year's Concert (by Vienna Volksoper Symphony Orchestra) held at Suntory Hall in Akasaka,Tokyo.

In the blog site, she posted lots of 'Furi-sode (kimono)' pictures.
'Furi-sode' is a kimono of a very vivid pattern worn by a Japanese single woman, characterized by a long cloth sagging from the arm.

AYAKA weared a black 'Furi-sode' when in her adult ceremony, this time, she seems to have bought a different red from it, seems to be very happy.

The bamboo monument shown in the second picture is the Japanese traditional New Year's decoration called ’Kadomatsu’.