[☆] MCZ 's live shows in Shanghai are being delivered.

Although there was no announcement in advance, the interview before live is distributed on the following site.

After that, the main part of the live performance will be distributed on this site.
Live is scheduled to be held at 19:00 20:00 on 27th in Japan time.
It is crowded on PC, but it seems to be seen from smartphone.

Live ended in about 90 minutes.

The set list of this live is as follows.
- From the Taiwan performance of yesterday's set list, only one song was changed.

- Overture
- Z-densetsu fanfare-wa-owaranai
- Z-no-chikai TDF version
- Clover-to-Diamond
- DNA-Rhapsody
- Hashire ZZ version
- Nippon-egao-Hyakkei
- Mouretsu-Uchu-Koukyoukyoku-dai-7-gakusho-mugen-no-ai
- Tsuyoku-Tsuyoku
- Pink-Sora
- Ikuze-Kaito-Shojo
- Xiao Yi Xiao
- Ano-Sora-e-mukatte