Momoclo Chan Z sings 'Senro-wa-tsuzuku-yo-dokomade-mo' video has been released.

A video that Momoclo Chan Z sings a children's song called 'Senro-wa-tsuzuku-yo-dokomade-mo' has been released.

This video was posted as a collaboration project between 'Goo-Choki-Party' and 'MAMADAYS'.
- 'Goo-Choki-Party' is a internetTV program for children of MCZ. It is broadcasted on the Internet at Hulu, a monthly billing site.
 -- 'Momoclo Chan Z' is an alias group name when 'Momoiro Clover Z' is active for children.
- 'MAMADAYS' is a media site for childcare, and many videos are released on YouTube and other SNS.

The songs they are singing are titled 'Senro-wa-tsuzuku-yo-dokomade-mo', (which translates directly to 'The railway line continues everywhere' in English), but the original song is the American folk song "I've Been Working on the Railroad".

In Japan, most children know this song, and they are often sung in kindergartens and so on.