[☆] MOMOKA is coming back.

Momoka Ariyasu (a former member of MCZ) announced at her twitter to resume entertainment activities.

Today just one year after the retirement announcement, she published a handwritten message entitled 'To the fans' on Twitter.
The summary of what is written there is as follows.
Last year I spent a fulfilling year and always asked myself what I would like to do in my future life.
And, as a person who expresses, I have strongly wanted to tell many people the "Mono"(means 'things') and "Kokoro"(means 'heart') that would be the hope of living tomorrow.

In 2019, Momoka Ariyasu will begin expressive activities through music and photography.

I decided on my own will, I believed in myself and wanted to be able to act independently, so I set up a personal office.
And I will express my own expressions and activities.

I am worried, but I believe that your support and my little courage will be great hope for the future.
Remembering gratitude and humble feelings, I would like to live with full effort, with my 23-year experience and pride in my stride.

Thank you in the future.

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