RENI ate Yakiniku at 'YOSHINASAI'.

RENI posted on her Instagram that she enjoyed it at the 'yakiniku' (means Grilled meat) restaurant.
What is shown together is a famous comedian called 'Beat Kiyoshi.'
('Beat Kiyoshi' is a companion as a comedian of 'Beat Takeshi'. 'Beat Takeshi' is famous as a film director Takeshi Kitano.)

'Beat Kiyoshi' appeared in MCZ's countdown live, and sang "Asakusa Kid" (which is the song of 'Beak Takeshi'.)
On that stage, he was PR stating that his Yakiniku restaurant "YOSHINASAI" was near the venue.

Reni remembers it and seems to have visited there during a New Year 's holiday.

*By the way, "YOSHINASAI" (means 'stop it!') is a famous gag phrase of 'Beat Kiyoshi.'