[☆] RENI had lunch with HARUKA.

Reni updated her Instagram and reported that she had lunch with Haruka Koizumi -- a Member of 'Tokimeki-Senden-Bu' (that group neme means 'A section advertising "Heart throbbing"').

HARUKA has professed to be a fan of RENI for a long time and RENI calls HARUKA 'O-haru.'
RENI commented that "it was finally realized" and "too cute".

HARUKA also updated her blog and said, "I was happy that I could talk about various things" and “too happy”.
*Pictures in the blog are other 3B members ('Crown Pop' and 'Hachimitsu-Rocket'). -- There is no picture of RENI.

Next day, HARUKA also posted details on her blog.
She says that she talked a lot and promised to stay a day with her next time.
Also it seems that "Yves Saint Laurent's Lipstick" was presented as a birthday gift.

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