Kanako who went for a talk show in Sendai city yesterday visited ONAGAWA town about 70km away from Sendai.

ONAGAWA Town was damaged by the 2011 Tsunami Great East Japan Earthquake, affected by 80% of the town's houses.
Momoiro Clover Z declared that they would be 'Friends of Onagawa' for reconstruction, and has repeatedly visited since 2013.

This picture is a brick of "Millennial Brick Project" set up at the facility called 'Hama Terrace'.
These are engraved with the names of many people who support Onagawa, and MCZ members are also included.

In this movie, the notes KANAKO is reading and writing are called "orange note".
Originally, the note was placed in a temporary disaster radio station, Mononofu who visited the town was communicating leaving a message in the note.

It seems that the note added by KANAKO this time is exhibited at "AGAIN Station" in Onagawa town.