TEASER movie Vol.2 of MOMOCLO MANIA 2018 was released.

Blu-ray of MCZ's summer live "MOMOCLO MANIA 2018” which was held at ZOZO Marine Stadium (-Chiba prefecture) in last August will be released on February 20.

Prior to this, that TEASER movie (Vol.2) was released on youtube.
-Vol.1 has been published here before.

The meanings of the phrases displayed in the movie are as follows.
-Recorded highest temperature of MCZ's summer history

-Hot and warm, MCZ's summer.

-A moment of fleeting summer that spent together.

-Overflowing Mononofu's passion

-Scenes that can only be seen here.

-Fireworks resounding in mind, MCZ's singing voice

- MOMOCLO MANIA 2018 LIVE Blu-Ray & DVD 2019.2.20 ON SALE.