MCZ appeared in new movie previews without notice.

Today, in Tokyo, a preview of the children's movie "Shimajiro-to-Ururu-no Hero Land" (means 'The Hero Land of Shimajiro and Ururu' in English) in which Momoclo Chan Z sings the theme song was held.

-'Momoclo Chan Z' is an alias group name when 'Momoiro Clover Z' is active for children.
- 'Shimajiro' is a famous animation that the private educational institution 'Benesse Corporation' is creating for children. He is a national character that most children in Japan are familiar with.

There was no plan, but 'Momoclo Chan Z' appeared on the stage, so the children were very pleased.
In addition, 'Momoclo Chan Z' showed the theme song "HERO" of this movie, it is published on Twitter of AKIRA Kawakami (MCZ's Producer).