[☆] MCZ sings the theme song of Yankees - Tanaka Masahiro again.

On the official site of MCZ, it was announced that MCZ will sing an admission song for Ma-kun (Ace Pitcher 'Tanaka Masahiro' -- MLB New York Yankees) this year.

The title of the song is 'Se-bangou' (meaning 'Unified Number'), it will be the sixth year that MCZ be in charge of this theme song.

This song is used as BGM in the stadium when Tanaka starts at Yankee Stadium.

In addition, tanaka is scheduled to be a starter for the opening season of the Yankees, which will be held tonight in Japan time.
So overseas people who can watch MLB broadcasts may hear new songs from MCZ there.

The scene is published by the tweet of the reporter who had been watching the field.
Tanaka won this pitch.